Key Factors of Design

In order to create beautiful outdoor spaces, a design process should be followed. This procedure will aid organizing ideas to help create the best design solutions for each circumstance. A process is made up of design “rules” and factors which are applied as the project is carried out. Design rules, or principles, are aesthetic guidelines that help the designer create a visually pleasing design solution. None of the

se factors are of greater importance, because they are all crucial to a successful design. However, a key question that a designer has to remember to ask is, “Is this space functional?” At Outdoor Makeover & Construction, we want to make sure homeowners are getting the best use of their property, all the while beautifying it. Landscape design is the combination of dealing with the land and the natural environment while making it both useful and beautiful for people. Some of the natural factors that have to be considered when creating a functional design are: drainage, grade changes, views, sun and wind exposure, noise, and what existing natural features can be pla

yed off of. Additionally, to create the most functional space, a designer has to consider how a person moves through a space, which thresholds are used most frequently, privacy preferences, and how they want to use the space. Being able to give all these elements an artistic touch is what makes us true landscape design professionals. Everyone has an artistic eye to some degree, but it takes a designer to be able to bring those aesthetics to life. Examples include, but are not limited to, appealing color combinations, matching architecture, playing with heights for balance, creating a harmony between hardscape and softscape elements, using focal points, and understanding textures. Outdoor Makeover & Construction understands how to tie everything together into the very best possible unified design for your space.

The following are problems and their solutions that OM can provide:

  • Drainage- Water comes in from: rainwater- fix: French drain, roof drains- fix: downspouts, topography (low point, water path)- fix: large drainage boxes
  • Erosion- build walls, flatten yard (lower slope), rocks .
  • Too much heat/sunlight- build a pergola, portico, screen porch, arbor, plant large trees, plants, structures Mosquitos- screen porches, tiki torches, automated mosquito screen systems, repelling plants with eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary
  • Privacy- large evergreen plants, fences (6-8 ft.), point structure strategically.
  • Darkness-lighting (privacy, ambience, path lighting, moon lighting from trees)
  • Watering- automated underground sprinkler/irrigation systems
  • Heat- fire tables, electric infrareds, fire features
  • Smell- install plants that smell really good
  • Sound- sounds systems, water features to block highway sound
  • Cooling systems- fans, misting systems, trees to block sun
  • Boredom- TVs, electricity, outdoor games (basketball, chess, putting green, bocci ball)
  • Playground- tether ball, blackboard, rock climbing walls
  • Storage- sheds, storage units, spaces under decks
  • Muddy areas/erosion- gravel areas, gravel pads
  • Areas that can’t grow real grass- putting green, turf, other types of grass (shade tolerant)
  • Concealment- for trash cans, A/C units, plants/paths Outdoor kitchens
  • Growing food- vegetable gardens
  • Entertaining- creative seating solutions

“While we had a general idea of some things we wanted done, Navid was able to envision a work product beyond that which we could have imagined. In addition to being very accessible, Navid was very customer focused and was intent throughout the project of ensuring that our expectations were met. We were amazed at his team’s ability to execute so quickly from “design” to final product. Expectations were more than exceeded, and we would certainly use Navid and Outdoor Makeover on future projects.”

Larry S.

Atlanta, GA


“Navid and his team have exceptional vision and incredible talent for design.
Outdoor Makeover delivered a plan that is much better than the competitors from design to build. I ended up with an exceptional result that I totally love and enjoy daily. I am very proud to show off my special area in my yard and everyone loves hanging outside now; Navid asked questions to figure out my lifestyle. Furthermore, Navid discovered what I needed and wanted, of which I was unaware when we started the process.”

Christy A

Sandy Springs, GA


“We contacted a number of landscapers before we found Outdoor Makeover. Navid and Omid worked hard on improving our front and backyard. They worked quickly and diligently and now we have a beautiful lawn and outdoor entertainment area. Their customer service was excellent. They called or emailed us a number of times just to make sure everything was right and we were satisfied. Great Job – Great Customer Service – Great People!”

Patrice & David

Alpharetta, GA


“Last June, my wife and I contacted Outdoor Makeover regarding replacing the “weeds” in our front lawn with sod, replacement of all shrubs in the front and back yards and the planting several new trees throughout our property. Once we confirmed the design plan, the Outdoor Makeover crew got started immediately. The job soon took on a life of its own and Navid and his crew were ready and willing to be flexible and get the job done. It is a pleasure to work with a professional that understands the meaning of good communication and customer service. The project came out perfect and we are very happy with our new lawn, shrubs and trees. We look forward to a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with Outdoor Makeover.”

Amy & Joe

Roswell, GA


“Navid and the Outdoor Makeover team are top notch. They found solutions within our price range and help us accomplish our most important priorities. Further, even after we paid them in full and needed them to come back to touch up some items, they came back within 1 week. This is UNHEARD of these days! I would highly recommend them to everyone!”

Ryan E.

Marietta, GA