Eco Friendly Outdoor Maintenance

backyard stone stairway leading to outdoor patio with chairs and landscape lighting

The idea of having an eco friendly outdoor living space is not new but often overlooked. Humans have a tendency to place comfort over functionality and an even higher tendency to place aesthetic over comfort AND functionality. We like things that are pretty and that warrant compliments. This goes for our personal aesthetic as well as the presentation of our homes. But at the end of the day, it’s important to reflect on what we do to our landscape and outdoor areas that serves a purpose. For example, what about your outdoor living area is eco friendly? There are several things you can do to help the environment without hindering the aesthetic of your outdoor living space. In fact, there are several eco friendly options that enhance your landscape. 1)Fire pit vs bonfire: Bonfires are a classic outdoor gathering ritual, especially as the temperature continues to drop. Unfortunately, this fun past time can be a hazard to the environment and even your house. It’s much safer to have a man-made fire installation, such as a fire pit or fireplace. Man made installations are easily controlled and are easier to extinguish so there’s no risk of left over embers causing a fire. 2) Create a garden that doesn’t use a lot of water. It’s always been important to conserve water but many garden enthusiasts fear that using less water will harm their plant life. Fortunately this is a myth so landscapers and gardeners can rest easy. There are lots of ways to conserve water and keep your plant life healthy. Directing your water with a stonescape or planting floral life that doesn’t require much water are two of the best ways to keep water usage low and getting the most out of what you do use. 3) Led lighting instead of standard light bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy and still emit a strong, bright light. And with today’s technology, outdoor lighting can also be installed with dimmer switches so you can control how much brightness you’re receiving.