Escape to Your Landscape

We have all heard of “Stay-cations”. The concept is to have as much fun as possible in the area where we live. We do things we would do on a vacation, only we do it in our home town. But what about a “Home-cation?” This is when you stay in your home and have a vacation. Homes have been associated with chores during the day, we mow lawn, do laundry, fix the fan. But imagine having one of our Atlanta landscape architects design a backyard full of escapade. Backyards are the best space to any house if properly designed, unless you are a caveman, who does not want to be outside. Your Atlanta landscaping company could incorporate a deck, screened porches, spas and hot tubs, a big green lawn, fire feature, water feature and landscaping, and your style of Atlanta landscape design. Your landscape architect, should sit with you and design a very customized landscape plan which incorporates your desired features into your outdoor living space.