Evaluating Outdoor Landscape Design Choices

So you’ve decided to update your outdoor landscape area. Now that you’ve made this decision, the next step is to start assessing your landscape design needs. There is so much more to updating your outdoor living area than picking out new flowers for your flower bed. What type of patio should you invest in? What are some of the positives to having stone versus wood outdoor flooring? Can my backyard’s foundation support heavy items such as a fire pit? Here at Outdoor Makeover and Construction, we want to help you answer these questions. Wood vs Stone: Who wins? Choosing the materials for your newly constructed outdoor patio can seem daunting. Do I go with wood or do I go with stone? While it does depend on the homeowner’s personal taste, there are other factors that can play a role in the decision. Areas with heavy rain fall or snow should choose stone due to the fact that excess moisture can warp wooden patios and walkways. There are ways to avoid this from happening but again, it is best for the homeowner to discuss this with their contractor before making a final decision. Fire Features Having a fire feature installed in your backyard is another very big decision. Some people see a fire feature (such as a fire pit) as being too ornamental or flashy. While fire pits do add a decorative visual element to your outdoor living space, there are so many different styles of fire pits and other fire features for homeowners to choose from that they can feel comfortable installing one that fits their own personal tastes. The aspiring chef can enjoy cooking homemade pizzas with their stone fire place or brick oven. Several fire pits can also be subbed out as a non-flammable center piece for outdoor gatherings. Checking your Foundation Before any work is done on your backyard or front yard living space, a smart homeowner should contact a landscape and construction company to make sure your foundation is in good enough shape to endure the construction process. This can be arranged by setting up a consultation with your local contracting company via phone or online. We at Outdoor Makeover and Construction care about your Atlanta home and landscape and want to make it as beautiful as you dreamed it could be. Call us today!