Front Yard Maintenance

front yard landscaping with outdoor light post and stone walkway leading to house

The maintenance of your front yard is one of the most important aspects of home ownership. We’ve done a lot of talking about how your outdoor living space should reflect not only your personality, but should also reflect the care you put into your home and your front yard is no different. It is the first thing people see when they look at your home. You want your front yard to be inviting and engaging yet not cluttered with too many conflicting aesthetics. Here are some ways to bring unique visual qualities to your front yard without going overboard. 1) Use symmetry to your benefit. One of the main rules of aesthetics is symmetry is key. It provides your front yard with balance so everything feels as if it is in the write place. Have your landscape designer come up with a design that seems like each side of your yard is a perfect image of the other. 2) Make sure your front yard has enough color. Color brings a certain vibrance and liveliness to everything especially in nature. You can achieve this by having a colorful porch or flowerbed surrounding your yard. 3) Edging: Odds are you have a concrete walkway to your front door or a concrete driveway. Just having the plain gray concrete in contrast to your grass isn’t nearly as appealing as a homeowner would like. Using some thoughtful landscaping as a way to transition from your driveway or sidewalk to the actual yard, i.e. shrubs, mulch, flower beds can add much needed curb appeal to your driveway/walkway. 4) Stonescaping: For those who aren’t aware, stonescaping is using various stones to bring a textured and worldly aesthetic to your outdoor landscape. Stonescaping can range from a stone walkway to having a rock wall along the property. It can add a modern spin to your front yard and provide a sharp contrast from the softness of your natural landscape.