Georgia Outdoor Landscape Lighting – Frequently Asked Questions

stone backyard living space with fire pit and hardscaping with outdoor surface landscape lighting

When designing your Georgia landscape, it is important to include features that reflect your interests and hobbies. But perhaps the most crucial element of the design is the outdoor landscape lighting. As one might anticipate, outside lights make a significant difference, but it is important to choose wisely and to place the lights where they will offer the most benefits. For many home owners, it this part of the installation process that brings about a variety of questions. As long time outdoor landscape lighting specialists, the Outdoor Makeover and Construction team has answered our share of outside light related questions. So, to help you with understanding the outside lighting process, here are some FAQs and their answers:

8 FAQs about Outdoor Lighting

  1. My home is currently under construction. Is there a specific time that outdoor lighting must be installed or information that my builder needs? If you plan on having the lights ready to use when you move in, then it is wise to let the contractor know as soon as possible in the build process. This way the electrician will ensure the proper outlets and wiring is installed. As to time frame – that is typically dependent on the construction timeline.
  2. My home is on a narrow lot. Can lights be installed so that they don’t affect my neighbor’s lot? There are a number of lighting options available. One of our outside lighting teams will be able to assess your outside living space and determine what type of lights and configuration will work for your space.
  3. How much extra does adding outdoor landscape lighting add to my energy bill? While this varies based on type and amount of lighting, in many cases the addition of lights only affects the monthly cost by $8 to $12 a month. Keep in mind, that opting for motion activated lights, LEDs or CFL lighting will reduce the cost and also provide better lighting.
  4. What are the most commonly installed lights? While there are many types of lights used in landscape lighting, the most commonly installed are security, wall lights, post lights, pendant lights, deck lights, accent lighting, path and stake lights, downlights, up lights, and spotlights.
  5. Can lights be installed in paving or wooden structures? While this can be done, it’s ideal if you let builders/installers know this as soon as possible.
  6. Can a timer be used? Having a timer not only lets you control when the lights are on, but what areas of your yard are illuminated at what time.
  7. Are the lights weatherproof? As long as the proper lightbulbs are installed, yes. Your installation team from Outdoor Makeover and Construction will be happy to teach you what lights are recommend for your specific scenario.
  8. Do I have to have a lighting plan before meeting with you? We have a team of knowledgeable landscape designers who can take your yard and turn it into a well-lit work of art.

Outdoor lighting is a sophisticated way to add beauty and style to your outdoor living space. Our team knows the value of outdoor lights and will work with you to incorporate these lights into your yard in a way that focusses on all your favorite features. If you have additional questions about outdoor landscape lighting or would like to schedule an appointment to learn more, contact us today.