How to Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Family Oriented

outdoor cushioned furniture on a family outdoor living space stone patio with pergola

Summer is just around the corner and that means the kids are out of school, there’s no homework, and friends will be coming over to play (for parents and kids alike). With the scorching Atlanta heat during the day and the cool star filled nights, families are going to want plenty of outdoor activities to do together. And there’s no better place to enjoy outdoor family time than in your own outdoor living space. Here are some great ways to boost your family fun time in your backyard landscape. Fire pit or stone oven: The latest food craze hitting the restaurant scene is “build your own pizza” style restaurants. While everyone enjoys designing their own pie, going out to eat can get expensive. Installing a fire pit or outdoor oven can help family dinners become more fun. Not only are they visually appealing, but fire features are great for an outdoor campout or for keeping warm when the wind starts to get too rowdy. Pool area: Some of the best memories are made hanging out by the pool with the sun beating down on your skin. Having a pool can not only up your property value, it can up your fun factor reputation throughout the neighborhood. Who doesn’t love someone with a pool? If your outdoor landscape isn’t laid out to support a pool, why not have a relaxing Japanese water garden to have as part of your conversation area? Not only are water features the most popular of landscape design features, they are perfect for those hot Atlanta summers. Just imagine jumping in the cold pool to escape the heat. Patio Game: Having a great patio can also boost your family fun factor. Create your own at home drive in with a makeshift projector on your outdoor patio for you and your neighbors to have a weekly outdoor movie night! Have your patio furniture assembled around the deck so everyone is comfortable and has a great view. Hide fun toys around the patio’s flower bed for the kids to search for while the parents enjoy cocktails from their newly installed patio bar! Lay out on your hammock and watch the birds play in your newly installed water fountain feature. The opportunities are endless.