Improve Your Atlanta Property Value: Add a Guest House

backyard guest house next to stone fire pit and wooden deck with designer outdoor landscaping

Did you know that there is more to adding to your property value than having a yard that is beautifully landscaped? Better yet, you can add to your Atlanta neighborhood home’s value by actually minimizing the amount of yard work needed simply by the addition of a guest house. If you have never thought about the benefits of a guest house, then why not? After all, most of us would love more space and a way to entertain while still reserving room for us to unwind!

Benefits of Having a Guest House

If you have never considered having a guest house, here are some reasons to make this addition to your Atlanta area property.

  • Additional Revenue – A guest house is a great way to make some extra money. Whether you rent out the space for weeks at a time or only a weekend a month, in many cases a guest house that is rented out will pay for itself in no time all.
  • Privacy – If you have ever stayed in someone’s home as a guest – or had someone stay with you – and found yourself tripping over each other or your belongings then you know difficult it is to carve out a bit of space to just unwind. A guest house provides a place people to spread out and have privacy to do so.
  • Extra Residence – Do you have (or plan to have) a nanny or other household staff who lives with you? Why not free up the room in your house and provide a placed for them to live – but within close enough range that they are available when needed. It can also be beneficial if you have aging parents that you need to help out while still giving them the freedom and independence to be on their own.
  • Property Value – As already referenced, a guest house adds property value. In addition to more space for company, when it comes time to sell your home, you will be able ask more for the property.
  • Comfort – Having a guest house lets people visit but be comfortable and not need to share crucial elements of a home such as the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Private Getaway – Even if you don’t use a guest house for guests, that space can be perfect for an onsite home office, or even a retreat or perhaps a recreation space.

While a guest house might seem a bit unorthodox for some homeowners, you can see there are actually a variety of advantages in talking to the Outdoor Makeover and Construction team about building a guest home. Don’t wait until the next time you have company coming to decide that having extra room would be nice – give us a call today.