Is an Outdoor Structure Right for Your Landscape?

outdoor pergola structure with stone stairway in backyard with green grass and trees

For many Georgia homeowners, one of the best parts of warmer weather is being able to spend more time outside. And with Spring officially here, it is time to assess your landscape to see if it has everything you want for making time spent outside the best part of any day. From adding new shrubbery to the addition of an outdoor structure, there are many ways to make your landscape better than ever! Perhaps one of the best ways to make the most of your home’s landscape is by extending your living areas from inside of your home to delightful outdoor structures that are not only inviting but perfect for any number of outdoor activities. There are many ways to make your landscape and outdoor entertaining more pleasurable, but some of the most popular are through structures such as gazebos, pergolas or arbors. Choosing an Outdoor Structure for Your Landscape Virtually any lawn can be made better with the addition of an outdoor structure such as a gazebo, pergola or arbor. However, if you are curious as to which one will best suit your landscape, then first ask yourself a few questions. 1.     What do you want to accomplish? 2.     How much space do you have to work with? 3.     Do you have other lawn elements that need to be considered? Once you have the answers to these questions, then you are ready for the fun of deciding on elements such as gazebos, pergolas, arbors or any other outdoor structure. All of these structures can be built to meet your lawn’s specific size and can be in nearly any shape. As you think various outdoor structures, consider the following: ·      Arbors are a great way to provide shade, as they are ideal for vine-like plants or roses. They can be built from hardwoods and require the occasional staining, or built from vinyl materials and never need to be painted, stained, or sealing.  Arbor offer a shaded area for everything from grilling out to the addition of a hot tub. ·      Pergolas do not have a full roof, but rather have slats that offer a shady retreat. It can be built as free-standing structure or as an extension of your home to turn an open patio or porch into a shaded space. ·      Gazebos can be any shape but are most commonly octagonal. They are a framed structure with a full roof and flooring. They can be designed to have built in seating and outdoor fans, or even screened in so that your gazebo is as practical as it is pretty. These are but a few of the options for homes in Atlanta. There are many other structures that can be added to your landscape. Or, if you prefer, used to extend your home’s design. With our many years of experience building outdoor structures, we have seen numerous landscapes come to life with the addition of one of these outdoor structures. Each one of them lends its own type of style and can be incorporated to work with any landscape and architectural design. If you are uncertain as to whether to opt for a gazebo, pergola or arbor for your landscape, talk to one of our Outdoor Makeover & Construction specialists. We would love to visit your property and help you choose an outdoor structure that meets your needs and your style. Contact us today.