Is Your Atlanta, Georgia Yard Ready for Spring?

front yard of georgia brick home with green grass and landscaping design

While the weather outside might seem a bit frightful, it will be spring before we know it. And, if you are planning to do any type of landscaping upgrades, then now is the time to start planning ahead. Whether your goal is to have a brand new yard complete with an assortment of gardens and pathways, the addition of entertainment areas like patios, gazebos or an outdoor kitchen, there is no time like the present to begin preparing for your new Atlanta, Georgia landscape. So, what should you do to get your yard ready for spring? After all, for weeks your lawn has lain dormant, and being subjected to cold temperatures! If you are eager to get outside and enjoy a warmer than usual day, then there are actually a few things you can do to be sure your yard is ready for spring.

Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

  • Clean up – Winter winds can cause an assortment of debris to pile up around your lawn. From twigs and branches to debris that may have been deposited there by animals, many Georgia lawns get messy during the cold months. As soon as there is a day pretty enough to spend some time outside, grab your rake or leaf blower and get all of the accumulated elements out of the way.
  • Trim – If you are already aware of dead branches on the trees in your yard, go ahead and remove them. If you are uncertain which parts of a tree to cut, talk to a tree trimmer. Ideally, having your trees trimmed (pruned) every 3 years is a great way to prevent disease and eliminate any hazards. Opting to have the trees trimmed before new growth begins makes it easier to see the state of the branches.
  • Mulch -Depending on how early in the season it is before there is warmer weather, and after getting the debris cleaned up, it is recommended to add a layer of good heavy mulch to garden areas. Be sure to trim back any dead parts on shrubbery, and then add the mulch.
  • Don’t Seed – While it might be tempting to fill in blank areas of the yard with new grass seed, pre-spring is not the time of year to do this! Rather, this is a fall project. If you have large patches that need ground covering, opt for sod.
  • Fertilize – Like mulching, wait till slightly warmer weather is becoming more common, then wait to see when there will be rain in the forecast. Once these criteria are met, it is time to fertilize as you need to add the fertilizer shortly after or before a light rain. This will add nutrients to the ground and help your yard look verdant and healthy.
  • Edging – Ensure your garden and pathway areas look sharp by edging. This helps define the line between your landscape and your lawn.

Getting your lawn ready for spring is not difficult, and can be a great way to break up the monotony of cabin fever. If you have new ideas to implement into your landscape or want to make some upgrades to the usability of your lawn, spring is a great time to do the project(s) – so now is the time to start making plans. If you are interested in preparing your lawn for spring, then call the Outdoor Makeover and Construction team to schedule an appointment today.