Landscaping Your Georgia Lawn with Curb Appeal in Mind

looking up at brick house with front yard landscaping with blue skies and tall green trees

Are you planning on selling your home this year? Then now is the time to think about landscaping your yard in a way that boosts its curb appeal. However, there is more to improving your home’s curb appeal than simply adding some plants, flowers and doing some edging. You want to be sure that the upgrades show off your lawn’s best features and minimizes any flaws. But figuring out where to begin in increasing your lawn’s curb appeal can be overwhelming. After all, the goal is to make your property more inviting – especially to the potential buyer!

Boosting Your Lawn’s Curb Appeal 

Not every lawn improvement has to be a long difficult process. Our Outdoor Makeover & Construction team can help you decide what elements will best be suited for your needs and yard. Here are some ideas to consider for designing a landscape with true curb appeal.

  • Add outdoor lighting. Having a well-lit lawn makes your property more inviting to desired guests, but not so much for the unwanted ones. If you already have outdoor lighting but it was installed a number of years ago, consider updating. If you need additional lighting, consider adding porch lights, solar lights along pathways, or string lights along porch railings or other outdoor structures.
  • Think about symmetry. Symmetrical patterns create focal points and make your home look more put together. Whether it is symmetry in where shrubbery is planted, where lighting fixtures are installed or another element, symmetry is important.
  • Have a clear path. Be sure that any walkways are not only well-lit at night, but that they are easily identifiable due to the use of pavers, brickwork or stones.
  • Do the basics! Keep your lawn mowed, rake off any leaves, weed when necessary, and be sure it to water it to prevent brown spots.
  • Containers and planters help. You don’t have to spend hours working in a garden. Look for fun containers or planters that compliment your home and style then choose plants that are easy to care for as well as those that make the place look cheerful and inviting.
  • Update outdoor structures. Be sure any porch or deck boards are in good shape – replace any that are not. Consider adding in new seating areas or a patio to make the outside space more inviting.

If you are looking for other ways to enhance your existing landscape, consider adding features such as a gazebo, an outdoor fire pit, outdoor kitchen or perhaps a pond. No yard is perfect right from the start. But by implementing the right landscaping features we can sure that your landscape has the best curb appeal on the block. So, don’t keep wondering if your yard is reaching its full potential. Talk to the team at Outdoor Makeover & Construction today.