Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces provides a wide range of landscape construction services in Atlanta. In addition to outdoor living space construction, outdoor kitchen building, and paver driveways, we provide a range of additional services. As part of our landscape design and construction projects, we offer the following add-on solutions:


small backyard living space with synthetic turf

A/C & Garbage Bin Concealment

Hide and conceal your air conditioning unit or garbage bin location to improve the look of your home and landscape.

Air Conditioning Unit Relocation

If your A/C unit is in the way, our team can move your air conditioning unit to a more desirable location in your yard.

Backyard Putting Greens

Turn your backyard into a putting green! Installing a backyard putting green is the ultimate outdoor activity. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces design customized personal putting greens. Built to your specifications, backyard putting greens are low-maintenance and last for years.

Construction of Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Include an outdoor kitchen island in your outdoor cooking area. These kitchen islands are functional and create great locations to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Custom Mailboxes

Build a custom mailbox for your home. We offer custom mailboxes in a variety of materials, including custom stone mailboxes.

Demolition Planning

Demolition isn’t as easy as just tearing something down. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces provides demolition planning services. This allows you to obtain a permit to move forward with the demolition process.

Elevation Certification

Elevation certificates (EC) are a certification that your property is built above projected flood levels in case of a major flood. EC’s may be required by insurance companies to determine the details of your policy. Elevation certificates are also helpful if you are shopping for a better insurance premium.

Foundation & Form Checking

Foundation damage is one of the costliest issues a homeowner can face. Whether due to erosion, water damage, or shifting materials, our team can inspect the foundation of your home.

Gates & Fences

Build a gate or fence for privacy, aesthetics, or to keep the kids or pets within your yard. Our team designs and builds high-quality gates and backyard fences.

Installation of Doors & Windows

Installing doors and windows around your outdoor living room can create a more private and intimate living space. They will also protect you from the elements, as well as pesky bugs!

Installation of Autofill in Water Features

Ensure your water fountain or landscape water feature is at the correct water level with auto-filling solutions. Maintaining a correct water level is the best way to protect the pump of your water feature.

Installation of High Voltage Outlets & Fixtures

Add power to your outdoor living space for movie projectors, lighting, heaters, or even electric landscaping tools.

Installation of Outdoor Games

Build a custom outdoor ping pong table or any other outdoor backyard games. We build outdoor games for your yard to enjoy for years to come.

Installation of Outdoor Water Faucets & Sinks

Outdoor water sinks and faucets allow you to continue cooking outdoors without running inside to wash your hands or rinse off food. No need to leave the grill after handling raw chicken or other food items!

Misting System Installation

Beat the Georgia heat with an outdoor misting system for your living space. Backyard misting systems are great for hot summer days and help keep you and your guests cool.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installation

Install an outdoor ceiling fan in your outdoor living room, pergola, or arbor. Backyard ceiling fans create a nice breeze to keep you cool and can also help deter bugs from flying in your living space.

Outdoor Curtain Installation

Outdoor curtains offer an easy solution to close the walls off of your outdoor living room. They can quickly and easily shut off your outdoor living space from bugs, rain, or even nosy neighbors.

Outdoor Shower Construction

Everyone knows you should shower off before jumping in the pool, right? Install an outdoor shower to help keep your pool clean. Outdoor showers are also great to clean off without making a mess indoors after some yard work. We build backyard showers that fit nicely into your landscape.

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining walls support the soil within your landscape between two elevations. Our construction team can install retaining walls in your landscape to separate different areas of your yard.

Running Gas Lines to Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Outdoor fire features often burn wood, but did you know many can be converted into gas fireplaces? We run outdoor gas lines to fire pits and fireplaces to allow easy and clean fires.

Running Gas to Grills

There are few things worse than running out of propane in the middle of cooking a steak or burger. By running gas lines to grills, you are free to cook for as long as you need to!

Running Gas to Space Heaters

Outdoor space heaters are great for cool nights. Instead of using propane tanks that need regular refills, install gas lines to outdoor heaters for an easy solution.

Running TV Cables to Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Have you ever wanted to watch football games outdoors during the fall? Or enjoy the golf tournaments from your outdoor living space? We will run TV cables and power to your living space to hook up your TV.

Site Planning

Site planning allows you to get an understanding of where everything will be located. If you are undergoing a landscape construction project, having a site plan provides a clear picture of where each element will be located.

Surveying Services

Survey your property before starting a project to avoid legal disputes. Our team provides basic boundary surveying as well as topographic and tree surveying. This allows everyone involved to understand the boundaries and unique elements of your property.

Synthetic Turf

If you would like a low maintenance lawn solution, we provide synthetic turf installation. Long lasting and low maintenance, synthetic turf is a popular choice with many homeowners.

Under-decking Installation

Under-decking provides a dry living space under your porch or deck. If you have an elevated porch, installing under-decking allows you to utilize the space below as an additional outdoor living space.

*Please note: Accessory construction services are only offered in conjunction with landscaping and construction services.





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