Why Should You Have a Backyard Putting Green?

golfer with black pants and shoes lining up putt on backyard putting green
If you love to golf, then having a backyard putting green the ideal way to take your game to the next level. Sure, you can pick up your clubs and drive to the range, but having a place to practice or even play a short game means more time for the sport you love. If you have never considered adding a putting green to your property, what’s stopping you? Here are 6 reasons why the addition of a putting area will benefit you.

Advantages of Having a Personal Backyard Putting Green

Having a mini putting green in your office is great, but being able to leave the office without actually needing to leave home is even better. Here are some additional reasons to talk to us about a backyard putting green.
  1. You can design it to meet your specifications. Tell us what you want included, and we can design your putting green to your liking. You may choose to design towards your playing style, the flow of your existing landscape or create a new landscape design that accommodates your game.
  2. You can make it whatever size you want. Need to work on your short game, then a smaller area of your yard can be used. Want to be able to work on a variety of strokes? No problem. That can be addressed as well.
  3. Save time and money. No more driving to the clubhouse to play a round of golf. Rather than money spent on gas driving to and from the course, green fees, golf cart memberships and more, you can play your favorite sport without needing to leave home!
  4. Improve your game. Eager to shave a few strokes off your score? Then a backyard putting green makes this easier to accomplish.
  5. More family fun. A backyard putting green provides a place for the whole family to hangout and become better (or more acquainted) with a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime.
  6. Fill in troublesome spots in your backyard.  Does your yard have odd dips or areas where the too much sunlight makes having grass that looks healthy difficult? Then convert these areas into part of your putting green – voila! Problem(s) solved.
Now that you have realized how nice having a backyard putting green will be, here are some tips for designing your new space.

5 Tips for Designing a Backyard Putting Green

  • Have it placed near the landscape features already in place, though not so close that windows are at risk.
  • Don’t be afraid to make it challenging – after all, the goal is to improve your swing.
  • Make it personal – it is your putting green!
  • Don’t stress out if you have pets. The green can be design with ease of use and cleaning in mind.
  • Don’t forget to include landscape lighting so you can play whenever the mood strikes.
Keep in mind that the Outdoor Makeover & Construction team can create a course that suits your needs and your space. We understand that your yard and your game are important to you. Talk to us today about carving out a space for you to play a few holes of golf whenever you would like.