Maintaining Your Porch

screened-in backyard porch with lounge chairs and wooden outdoor dining area

Cleanliness is Key

The first step in maintaining a beautiful porch is to clean it regularly. Sweeping and vacuuming prevents the dirt from getting ground into the grooves of the surface, scratching the floor in the process. How often you reseal the floor depends on the amount of wear and tear your porch receives. Generally, we have found that sealing is necessary every 5 to 7 years.

Cleaning the floor of your porch is relatively easy. Vacuum the floor to remove the dust and pollen. Dampen a mop with a mild solution of vinegar and water and mop the surface. 

Resealing: Clean as described above, and when the floor is dry, brush on the sealer being careful to avoid lap marks. Avoid walking on the floor until it is completely dry!

Long-term Maintenance and Care

Re-screen only as necessary. You will find that birds flying into the screen will cause holes, pets may rip them and kids love to push on them. Most of our clients call us when it’s time to re-screen. We can do it quickly and expertly.

Posts of pressure-treated lumber will occasionally warp or “check” (a fissure develops down the post). This is normal and due to the expansion and contraction of the wood. There is no need to be concerned, the post is still sound. Another common occurrence is sap bleeding from knotholes. Again, this is nothing to worry about and is typical of many types of wood.

Mold and mildew on ceilings and walls can form in damp and shady environments. You can remedy this with a solution of water and bleach. Start with a 1:4 bleach to water ratio. Strengthen as needed.