Preparing Your Atlanta Deck or Patio for Warm Weather

backyard deck with spiral stair case leading down to backyard with mulch and softscaping
You have made it! Winter and its cold weather is finally over. Days are getting longer, warm temperatures are becoming the norm, and it is time to start thinking about those cookouts and lawn parties. And where is the best place to start planning? Why, the deck or patio, of course! However, your deck or patio has probably not been used a great deal in the past few months. So before rushing out and planning a big party, it is important that you set aside some time to inspect and prepare this inviting outdoor space for use.

Inspecting Your Deck or Patio

Depending on the material(s) your deck or patio are made from, there are different elements to check out.
  • If your deck or patio is built of a natural redwood, cedar or pressure treated wood then check above and below for any signs of wood rot, mildew or nails that may popped out. If you see any of these issues, replace the damaged wood (or call the Outdoor Makeover & Construction team) before a minor concern becomes a major problem.
  • When checking out the boards of the patio or decking, be sure to check the stair stringers – the pieces that support the steps- and the ground posts to be certain they are secure and trustworthy for anyone using them.
  • If you see any areas where mildew has formed, now is the time to clean and treat the area. To remove mildew, you will need to use whatever product is recommended by the manufacturer of the deck stain.
  • Once you have ensured all the surfaces of your deck are clean, now is also a good time to apply stain – should that be needed. In most cases, stain only need be reapplied every 2-3 years, depending on whether your deck or porch gets full or minimal sun.

Beyond the Deck or Patio Flooring:

  • If you have outdoor cooking elements on your deck or patio, be sure they are in prime working order. Also, be safe not sorry by having functional safety equipment on hand – should there be an emergency!
  • Clean any furniture or cushions that have been exposed to the weather during the winter.
  • Add new outdoor furniture, some new plants or any other accent pieces that make your deck or patio even warmer and inviting.
  • Use a high-powered leaf blower to get rid of any leaves or debris that have built up over the winter.
  • Did you leave out any grills, pots, planters, or furniture? Be sure to wash them thoroughly.
  • If you have pavers, and noticed that some are cracked or damaged, now is a great time replace them.
  • Update your landscape – plants, lighting, a water feature, etc.- to show off your deck or patio area. Not sure what elements will show off your landscape? Contact an Atlanta area Outdoor Makeover & Construction team member!
With just a few hours of work, most Atlanta homeowners can have their patio or deck ready for the season ahead. If you have questions about deck maintenance, give the Outdoor Makeover & Construction team a call today.