Stepping up Your Landscape Design: Adding Landscape Stairs

backyard with stone landscape stairs leading to grass living space with outdoor hanging string lights
There are some landscapes in Georgia where you might feel as though walking outside is the equivalent to hiking a mountain trail. These yards have significant slopes that make the backyard a challenge to comfortably walk, not to mention a serious issue in the event of rain, or the occasional snowfall. So, for many homeowners, the sloping landscape becomes a space that is often bemoaned and met with uncertainty in what to do about the situation. However, there is a feasible approach that is both practical and great looking – the addition of landscape stairs. And, because the stairs can be made from a wide range of materials, they can complement any architectural style -from the classics to the contemporary. Nearly any yard where unevenness is an issue can be improved with the addition of landscape stairs. They might be made using concrete slabs, by incorporating railroad ties or treated 4x4s, bricks, pavers, tiles, scrap metal or repurposed steel beams, stamped concrete, or even the addition of flat stones. The options are varied so it sure that landscape stairs can be incorporated to make your Atlanta area yard. Better yet, by adding the stairs you make your home more marketable because people can use the yard more fully. Also making a stairway a practical part of landscape is that they can be the ideal place to add extra lighting. Inside or outside, a well-lit stairway is important. But in adding more lights – especially those that are motion activated- to your landscape you are adding some extra security to your home. Of course, just because adding stairs to your yard is practical, it doesn’t have to be about function only. The steps can also be a perfect place to add planters, connect one part of your yard to another or even disguise a retaining wall. Depending on the design of your yard, you could even use the landscape stairs as a way to add a water feature to the yard, so that even if the slopes in your yard were man-made they now look cohesive and charming. Beyond simply making the yard easier to navigate, stairs also make more of your accessible, thus making your landscape larger. Rather than feeling like part of your lawn is unusable, you now can design your lawn to maximize its functionality. That sloping yard doesn’t have to create a challenge – nor should it keep you from purchasing a home that is ideal for your needs. Rather, it means bringing in a team that understands your sloping landscape concerns. The Outdoor Makeover and Construction team has redesigned many Atlanta area yards that have significant sloping so that the yard is not just easier to navigate, but actually takes a feature that can be a negative and turned it into a delightful outdoor area with style and charm. Talk to an Outdoor Makeover and Construction specialist today about implementing landscape stair into your outdoor space.