The Consumer Choice Award: Thank You for Your Vote!

2017 Consumer Choice Award: Thank You
When it comes to getting work done around the home, everyone wants to be sure they have hired the best. Be it an interior project or and exterior one, we know that homeowners will talk to friends, co-workers and family to learn who they recommend for a particular job. But beyond talking to people we know, as a consumer, the average homeowner will also check out sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp or Google Places, or look for awards a company has received. Consequently, the value of what you, as a client of Outdoor Makeover and Construction, has to say about our work on your property matters significantly. We know that you could have hired any other landscape design team in the Atlanta area, but you chose us. You trusted us with one of your most valuable possessions and allowed us to come in and redesign the space. You counted on us to listen to your dreams and goals for a space, and to work within a budget and timeframe so that we could make your landscaping dreams come true. But, many of you went above and beyond merely being satisfied customers – you told others about what we did. From word of mouth promotions to online recommendations, you bragged about the Outdoor Makeover and Construction team of Atlanta – in fact, we have been given over 800 online five-star reviews! It is these reviews, that were instrumental to bringing us to the attention of the Atlanta area Consumers’ Choice Awards panel. The Consumers’ Choice team uses several aspects – market surveys, industry directories and records, etc.- to check out what clients are saying about a company’s ability to deliver on its commitments, its team members and the quality of a company’s work. The CCA team researches a company on sites such as Google Plus, Houzz, Homestar, YELP, Bing and others to see if they meet the CCA’s standards. If the comments meet their criteria, then that company is added to the list of possible award winners. Thanks to our client base in the metro Atlanta area, we were awarded the 2017 Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence. This award is received due only from customers voting and writing recommendations, and is recognized by other companies as a Seal of Excellence for top ranking companies. As one of the many Atlanta area landscaping teams, the Outdoor Makeover and Construction team does not take this award lightly. We know that it is due to your continued support and recommendations that have allowed us to be in the spotlight and we are thankful for having such a supportive – and vocal- group of homeowners and businesses.