Turning Your Yard into a Kid-Friendly Landscape

“I’m bored.”
“There’s nothing to do!”
“Can we go to (insert crazy busy location here)?”
It’s just a few weeks into summer vacation, and chances are, you have already heard a variation of these statements. And, more frustrating can be knowing there are still several weeks to go before it gets better. However, there are things you can do to make your yard more appealing and inviting to the kids. Better yet, many of these kid-friendly landscaping changes will make your yard more interesting to you, as well.

Designing a Kid-Friendly Landscape

Having kids, doesn’t mean you have to forfeit having a landscape design that pleases you. You can still have a beautiful and inviting landscape, and it doesn’t have to be filled with toys and the other detritus associated with a family backyard. Consider these ideas for turning your backyard into a place that the whole family can enjoy.

  • Incorporate natural elements. Look around your yard and note the trees and any natural areas. Consider implementing tree stumps that are staggered in such a way as to work as both and obstacle course or seating. Simply “group” them together, add a bit of greenery or shrubbery and you have a great space for letting their imagination soar.
  • Add pavers across the lawn – leave them in their natural state or let the kids decorate- and create a path to a “hidden” alcove.
  • Plant plenty of soft grass where they can relax without fear of damaging other plants or the house itself. Be sure the grassy area is big enough for gymnastics, or just sprawling out on a blanket with a book. Take time to add kid-friendly plants that can stand up to thing like balls or the occasional tumble.
  • Have a backyard large enough for a few footpaths? Then add in some pavers or small gravel that can be used for bike riding. Make the path(s) interesting by adding a bridge, covering a portion of it or by curving it around the yard to various spots so that they can have different rendezvous points.
  • Plan for shade. Georgia summers are hot! Be sure to incorporate shady spaces complete with fun seating such as a hammock or glider swing.
  • Install a beanpole tepee. This is both fun and functional. Use canes to create a tepee, then plant beans at the base and let them grow upward. This will provide the perfect spot for shade as well as a simple garden. Not concerned about planting veggies? Then trailing vines could also be used.
  • Make it easy to keep the outdoor space clean. Whether you add buckets on a shelf, have a storage building for holding toys, or have custom patio seating that doubles as storage space, it is important that you teach your kids to clean up when they are finished. Plus, it helps keep your landscape design looking great when it isn’t in use.

Planning ahead is a big part of creating the perfect kid-friendly landscape. If you are having a landscape makeover, talk to one of the Outdoor Makeover & Construction team members about incorporating a place for play equipment and spaces to encourage the imagination. We will work with your design to make the space so wonderful that statements such as, “I’m bored!” will be things of the past. Give us a call today to get started on your kid-friendly landscape design.