Types of Outdoor Lighting for Your Georgia Landscape

backyard with stone landscape stairs leading to grass living space with outdoor hanging string lights

Outdoor lighting is a must have for any well-designed landscape. It’s not just there for aesthetics, but provides a number of benefits, the most obvious being to see better at night. But when it comes to deciding what types of landscape lighting will work best with your yard’s design, it can be a bit overwhelming to make decisions – unless you have a good understanding of the types of outdoor lighting available. In choosing outdoor lighting it is important to note that there are three main types – motion sensors/flood lights used for security measures, landscape lighting spotlights (aka accent lighting) is perfect for walkways and paths, and spotlights. Each of these types have several subgroups, so working with an outdoor lighting team provides a better understanding how they all work together.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Flood Lights These are ideal for a pool or entertainment area as it allows you to enjoy the fun long after the sun goes down. However, they are frequently used in parking areas or with yards where the need to improve security means chasing away the dark corners. When implemented for security purposes, many homeowners opt for those which are motion activated. When looking at motion sensor lights, most homeowners opt for those which can be set on a timer or either those that work on solar energy. These lights can typically be mounted to the walls of a home, as well as along paths, or an outdoor building. Landscape Lights If you have a landscape that is especially delightful and you want to enjoy it to its fullest at any time of day, then landscape lighting is the way to go! These types of lights come in array of shapes and sizes, and may be solar powered, connected into the power source of your home or set up on a separate system. Landscape lights are the perfect way to accent statuary or architectural design, add extra light to a garden path or brighten an entry way. Some common types of landscape lighting include outdoor sconces that are mounted to the side of the home, stand-alone lanterns, mounted barn lights, bulk head lights, or even string lights that may trail the underside of a railing. They are available in contemporary, traditional, coastal, rustic, country, cottage, industrial and many other design styles so there is sure to be outdoor lights that match your style and architecture. Spotlights These are perfect for brightening a region of your landscape. They differ from flood lights as they are designed to illuminate a specific space in the landscape – be it the front door or a water feature. The beam is typically focused on a particular spot, and can be mounted at any level, making them a great addition to security lights. As landscape design pros, the Outdoor Makeover and Construction team knows the benefits of each type of outdoor lighting and is skilled at implementing them in a way to enhance your landscape. We will assess your landscape and create a custom look that works all year around so you can fully enjoy each Georgia season. Give us a call today at 404.587.5656 to get started on your landscape paradise.