Winter Landscaping Tips for Your Georgia Yard

backyard stone statue with stone garden fountain and ever green trees covered in winter snow

Now that the busyness of summer and fall are behind you, and Christmas is looming, it may seem strange to be thinking about lawn care or landscaping. However, this is the best time of the year to prepare your yard for all the great plans you have for the year ahead. Even better, by making plans and taking precautions, you can ensure that your yard is even better next year than it has ever been. Before many outdoor makeovers can be made, it is vital that some preparation steps are taken. Here are few tips to help you get ready for that 2017 yard makeover. Winter Landscaping Tips  Plan Now for Your Spring Landscape Projects As days get shorter and cooler, this is the time to begin planning your yard’s look for next year. Consider taking time to spread mulch, cut back trees or shrubbery that may still need to be pruned, remove any dead plants, and wrap any delicate shrubbery. For most yards this will take one busy weekend but it will go a long way towards a beautiful, working yard next spring. Think about Drainage Did you discover this summer that your yard did not move water out of the way properly or effectively? Then now is the time to talk to a landscape pro about grading your yard so that rain water is moved the direction you need it. Clean Up If you still have leaves or debris from fall in your garden areas, take time now to remove it as this will make it easier to see your yard’s canvas and begin planning for next summer. Minimize Walking in the Yard Once you have your yard cleaned up and prepped for winter, endeavor to keep walking across your yard to a minimum otherwise you risk displacing your grass. Plus, frequent walking on the lawn – especially should it be a wet winter- can cause damage such as compaction. Irrigation Irrigation systems are a great addition to any lawn. If you are considering one for your space, now is a great time to follow up on it. Dream Now is the time to sketch out what you want next year’s war to look like. From plant life to decorative elements, and features such as patios and fire pits, there are many ways to enhance your yard for greater functionality and design. Need ideas, give the Makeover Landscaping specialists a call. Outdoor Makeover is ready to meet with you and help you move forward on designing the best landscaping design you have ever had. Contact one of our landscape pros today to learn how we can help you give your lawn and backyard areas a complete makeover.