Outdoor Football Party: Making Use of Your Outdoor Living Space

brown leather football on green grass in bright sunlight casting a shadow
Fall, family, football, food, FUN! For many, nothing says fall like a rousing game of football. There’s just something about getting together with family and friends and cheering (or jeering) for the team(s) of choice. Whether your group be small or be large enough to need to warn the neighbors about parking there’s a special comradery that goes with watching football. But if you want to take the fun to the next level, why not plan your next football party for your outdoor space. After all, an outdoor football party is a great way to truly feel like you are at the game – but with all the conveniences of home! If you have never hosted an outdoor football party, then why not do it this season? It doesn’t have to be difficult, and with just bit of planning your outdoor football party can be the best party of the year. Let’s get started!

5 Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Football Party

Start preparation early.

Like any good game, the players and the coaches have to do some advance prep. A week or two before your outdoor football party, start collecting items to set the stage. Pillows, team memorabilia, throw blankets -particularly in the colors of the teams playing that day- drink cozies, serving tools, plates, etc. will all be needed. Picking up these items in advance will make game day much easier. Consider buying higher items, if you plan on making this type of event a tradition/weekly occurrence.

Plan your menu.

If your outdoor living space includes a grill or stovetop, then you have a great deal of flexibility on this. Whether it be traditional stadium items like burgers, hot dogs and nachos or tailgating faves like hot wings, BBQ, or even grilled pizza or sliders. And don’t forget the drinks! Consider setting up a space for some microbrews- after all beer and football go great together- and letting guests vote on their faves. Better yet, having your football party outside means you won’t have to clean a mess in the house. Have fun with the menu and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


Make your outdoor football party even better by pre-gaming. Have plenty of games- cornhole, a giant Jenga, horseshoes, etc.- available so that guests can play before the game or during those long commercial breaks or Challenge timeouts.

Don’t forget extra the seats.

Even if your outdoor space has seating included, having some extra chairs makes it more inviting and keeps people from feeling crowded or from needing to sit on the ground.

Try out the equipment.

Before the guests arrive, take time to make sure all of the equipment – televisions, screen projector, grill, etc.- is working. You don’t want to discover something isn’t working when everyone is wanting to see the kick-off.   Down! Set! Hut! Ok, now you have the play by play for throwing the perfect outdoor football party. So, when are you going to score a touchdown with all your friends and family? Need a place of your own to host this amazing party? Give the Outdoor Makeover & Construction team a call today. We would love to design an outdoor entertainment area that meets your needs. Call today.