Porticos: Do They Make that Much of a Difference?

wooded portico on front of brick house with a black door and stone walkway

Your home’s style and design often reflect a bit about your personality and interests. Be it a rambling farmhouse style or a sleek modern structure, a two-story home with dormer windows or a single level, chances are good that you chose your residence’s architectural style and features because it resonated with you and the things you love. And, while there are many types of houses and styles, one feature that many of them have in common is a portico.

Porticos are typically a covering above your front door. Supported by decorative columns that are spaced at intervals, porticos might be wide or narrow, ornate or simple but regardless, the portico is a key element that has been used in architectural design since the early Greeks. Also of interest is porticos are different from a front porch in that porticos typically do not provide outdoor living areas as a porch does.

Why Should You Have a Portico?

While porticos are not considered a porch, this does not lessen their value to the home. Rather, a portico provides a variety of benefits. Consider these.


They are aesthetically appealing. Your portico’s design can set you apart from your neighbor. In fact, Better Homes and Gardens says “A portico adds dimension to a flat façade, highlights a home’s entry point, and improves a home’s curb appeal.” More so, the portico can be dressed up and decorated during the holiday season, or you can add lights to create a particular ambiance.


Did you know that a portico is designed to minimize the amount of UV rays that hit your entryway and porch? That’s right. A portico protects your home’s exterior from the sun’s rays minimizing damage such as warping or cracking due to heat. The portico also shields against elements such as rain, sleet, mud or snow.

Cleaner House

Because a portico helps protect against the elements, you will not need to clean your entryway of mud or other debris. Which also brings another benefit – less time spent doing housework!


Planning on selling your home?  A portico increases your home’s value by up to 6%.


Though not a porch, the portico does provide a space to shelter you and guests from inclement weather. Better yet, it can be enhanced and show your style. How? Because portico columns can be round or square, slender or broad, stately or squatty, textured, smooth, etc.

The simple portico. If you haven’t given a great deal of thought to yours, then the next time you step outside, take a moment to look up and thank the team that designed your home. And, if your home doesn’t have a portico, then give our team a call. As a makeover construction team, we are here to help. Contact the Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces team today.