Using Stones to Enhance Your Outdoor Landscape

landscape white stone design enhancement
One of the biggest trends to come out of outdoor landscaping in recent years is to use stones to enhance your outdoor landscape. Though they’ve gained further popularity in the past ten years, rock gardens and other stone structures have been used in landscaping design for centuries. Japanese rock gardens are seen as a form of therapy and tranquility while also providing a pleasing aesthetic quality to any home area. While unassuming to many homeowners, rock and stone structures are the perfect addition to your outdoor living area derived from their diverse variety of categories. 1) Create a rock garden: Besides being a creative way to boost the aesthetic quality of your outdoor living space, a rock garden is a great way to create the illusion of extra space for your landscape. Rock gardens are also convenient in that they can be as permanent as you wish them to be. Unlike flowers, rock gardens can survive harsh weather environments and maintain a sense of stability in your outdoor landscape. 2) Install a rock retaining wall: For anyone who has dealt with outdoor landscaping before, it’s no secret that a retaining wall can be the perfect addition to your garden area. A retaining wall’s primary purpose is to serve as a barrier between a large amount of soil or water and most homeowners use them to border their garden space. Retaining walls are not only practical, but they serve as a frame for all of the hard work you put into your garden area. 3) Use rocks as accents: Sometimes all your outdoor living space needs is one or two rocks to serve as focal points for you and your guests. Having a few stones or small boulders gives depth to any outdoor landscape. 4) Rocks are great for drainage beds: Drainage beds, while practical, get the reputation for being an eye sore in outdoor landscape design. However, this does not have to be the case if you incorporate stones into the drainage system. Stones can be a flattering camouflage for said drainage so your guests don’t have to look at any unsightly views.