Why Should You Add a Water Feature to Your Landscape?

If you have ever walked around your yard and felt like it was missing something, then you are not alone. But if you found yourself struggling to determine what needs to be added, then perhaps it is time to consider adding a water feature. Today, there are many approaches to adding a water element to your landscape. You might choose to go with the basic addition of a swimming pool, or you could choose an even more natural appearance and have a pondless waterfall or pond. A swimming pool is great and certainly a wonderful addition to any yard, but if you are looking for something that allows you to be more in touch with nature, then the addition of a natural water area is a beautiful choice. However, if you are new to the idea of a water area as part of the landscape, then take a few minutes to consider not just the aesthetic benefits but some of the practical ones as well.

Benefits of Adding a Water Feature to Your Landscape

Landscaping using water elements are certainly eye-catching but there’s more to them than that. Here are some other benefits of adding a water feature. ·      Water features are simple to maintain. Yes, they occasionally need to cleaned out to be cleaned out to prevent the buildup of algae but this is generally a soothing activity. ·      You can match the style of the pond with your preferred garden style. Whether you like the feel of an English garden, the look of minimalism, love the classic look or any other design, a pond or waterfall can be created to enhance your landscape. ·      You are not restricted to a certain shape for your water element. Yes, you are restricted by the size of your yard, but the curving -or not- of your pond, pondless water fall, or fountain do not have to be a certain shape. ·      There is something peaceful about unwinding next to a water feature and watching nature. Be it butterflies, the koi, or the birds, sitting (or maybe reclining in a hammock) by a water feature is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day at the office. ·      A water feature will attract natural wildlife and enhance your local ecosystem. Once your water feature is built, you will start to notice more wildlife on your property. This can provide entertainment as well as the opportunity to educate yourself and your family about the animals in your area. ·      Studies have found that simply looking at water for even a few minutes can help restore blood pressure and heart rate levels. After all, watch the water rippling or listening to a waterfall is calming! ·      Water helps reduce noise pollution as it absorbs a great deal of the sound waves. Adding a fountain or waterfall will make your pond even more equipped for minimizing sound. ·      Having a pond is the equivalent of having a natural humidifier, and thus helps you breathe better. ·      Depending on where you install your water feature, you have the opportunity to create a quiet area for entertaining family or friends. ·      A house with a water feature has a higher real estate value; in many cases, by as much as 20%. ·      A water feature makes your yard look larger – especially when you incorporate a fountain/waterfall to give height and lights to create shadows and depth. If you are ready to add more style to your landscape, then give our team a call. We would love to create a water feature that brings you tranquility and beauty for years to come. Contact Outdoor Makeover today!