Landscaping Upgrades that Will Add Resale Value

front yard stone landscape walkway leading from brick house to the street

If you are planning to sell your home in the year ahead, then it is likely that you have started making changes and looking at your home through the eyes of a buyer. Consequently, upgrades such as new paint, flooring and an assortment of other actions have been taken. However, with all the interior upgrades, don’t overlook one of the most important features of your home – your landscape. The reality is that in the majority of cases, if the outside of your home isn’t inviting, then most buyers will bypass the house. In fact, studies show that having a great looking yard can improve your home’s property value by as much as 20%. So, if you are eager to get the most resale value out of your home -even if you don’t plan on listing for several months, now is the time to start making those landscaping upgrades.

5 Landscaping Upgrades that Add Resale Value

There is more to making landscaping upgrades than merely planting grass or adding in a few shrubs. Here are some proven changes to make when you are looking to add real estate value. ·      Pruning – Trees and shrubbery that have been allowed to grow wildly or are in need of pruning and trimming make a home look unwelcoming and uninviting. Take time to trim these features back. If you are unsure of your skill, talk to one of our landscaping specialists. ·      Eliminating – Do you have plants that are withering and dying? Then now is the time to get rid of them. An unkempt garden often implies that other areas of the home have not been maintained as well. ·      Replacing – Once you have removed plants that are not thriving, it is important to replace them with plants and flowers that add color and texture. You may opt to keep it simple with low maintenance choices such as shrubbery and trees or take it to the next level and include an assortment of flower gardens. Either route is a great way to add value and beauty. ·      Plant Trees – According to the US Department of Energy adding a few as three trees in locations where they add shade, can help cut energy costs by as much as $250 a year. This makes a great selling point as well as adding beauty when you are selling your home. ·      Design Elements – A walkway with brightly colored flowers or the addition of a deck or covered patio can go a long way towards making your home more inviting to potential buyers. Other great features to consider are water elements, curving garden paths, decorative retaining walls, or even structures such as pergolas, gazebos and other outdoor “rooms”. By making simple upgrades to your landscape, you can increase the speed at which your home sells while adding value, beauty and even functionality. If you would like to learn more about landscape upgrades that will boost your home’s resale value, talk to one of the Outdoor Makeover specialists today.