Landscape Preparation For Spring

front yard landscape with stones

Whether you love it or not, spring is right around the corner. It’s a wonderful season where things are reborn and homeowners can showcase the true beauty of their outdoor landscape. As a responsible homeowner, you no doubt prepped your home for the harsh winter cold but is your landscape ready for the fruits of spring? You may not realize it, but there are several things to consider when prepping your landscape for spring time. 1) Make sure your retaining walls (if you have them) are strong. Retaining walls are great assets for a healthy garden landscape and can do wonders for your aesthetic. However, over time retaining walls need to be reinforced to make sure that they are still holding strong, otherwise they could start to fall apart. 2) Check your soil. Before you even begin researching proper vegetation, though, you should definitely make sure that your soil is healthy enough to even support plant life. If a winter is harsh enough, it can have drastic effects on your soil which can make it difficult to keep plants at their healthiest. It’s important to bring in professional landscapers to make sure that your landscape area is at it’s healthiest before you begin planting. 3) Make sure that your garden is prepped with the right vegetation. In the south, some flowers and plants are easier to grow in the spring than others. Unfortunately, with the harsh sunlight and heat index, some plants aren’t able to survive. Do your research to see what plants can survive in certain temperatures and make sure that you’re investing in vegetation that is certain to come back next year.